Consumption of Mineral Fertilisers




Source and methods of data collection

Data are published in order to present the annual consumption of main plant nutrients, i.e. active substances derived from mineral fertilisers, at the level of the Republic of Croatia.

The published data show the total quantity of active substances used in the utilised agricultural area. Active substances include nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).

Data on annual consumption of mineral fertilisers are the result of a statistical survey in the field of crop production entitled the Annual survey on crop and animal production (PO-71 form).



Mineral fertilisers are chemical compounds and substances which contain plant nutrients and which are produced in the industrial process. 

Active substances are substances which plants feed on and need for their development.

Utilised agricultural area is the total surface land used for the crop production in a particular year. It covers arable land and gardens, kitchen gardens, orchards, olive groves, meadows and pastures, nurseries, vineyards, land under basket willow (osier) and other land under permanent crops (Christmas trees).




N   nitrogen

P   phosphorus