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Gross Domestic Product - Flash Estimate
Average Net and Gross Earnings
Consumer price indices
Registered Unemployment Rate
Foreign trade in goods of the Republic of Croatia
Retail Trade Turnover
Labour Force Survey
Natural change in Population

First Releases and Stat. Reports by Subject

The First Releases are short and concise statistical information sheets issued in accordance with regular dynamics of the statistical survey schedule, while Statistical Reports present comprehensive results of either individual surveys or several surveys in the same filed.

Calendar of Statistical Data Issues

Calendar contain detailed information on publishing dates for Statistical Data Issues of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. 

Census 2011

  Names and surnames in Republic of Croatia Census 2011

Census 2011 - Results
The Act on the census of
  population, households and
  dwellings in 2011
Frequently asked questions
International Standards
Census Hub


Classifications and Standards

The KLASUS application provides access to a classification database containing all available information on the classification standards of official statistics.
Classifications and Standards.


Data Request Form

Data Request FormIf you were not able to find the desired statistical data and information, you can send us your question via the form.


Data on business entities

Data on activities of business entities
How to register business entities
Frequently asked questions about the
  Register of Business Entities


Key figures

  Inflation calculator        Population, by age and sex        Glossary of statistical terms

Data visualisation and Infographics


The GeoSTATRH application enables you to combine a selected spatial level with a selected statistics


InfographicsLife through the Spectrum of Numbers



InfographicsThe interactive data visualisation tools.


National Accounts

ESA 2010 - The European System of
  National and Regional Accounts
Government finance and EDP statistics

Reporting obligation
Manuals, Form, Codebooks, ...

European Structural and Investment Funds

European Structural and Investment FundsEU



Croatian Statistical System


ESS European Statistical System


ESDS European Statistical Data Support



Notices and Employment Opportunities

List of business entities which are in a conflict
  of interest with the Croatian Bureau of Statistics
How to register business entities